Plans come complete with eight (8) sets of plans for construction  (No hidden charges). Our plans are of Architectural quality for about a 1/3 of the cost and will have anywhere from 12-14 sheets. Typically payment is done in 3 phases (Schematic Documents, Design Documents and Construction Documents). 25% for “Schematic Documents”, 50% of balance for the “Design Documents” and the remaining balance for the “Construction Documents”. Cost is based on heated/cooled footage only (Rounded to the nearest dollar) See prices below:

SINGLE STORY: $1.10-$1.30                                                                                 STORY & HALF/TWO STORY: $1.30-$2.00                                                    BAEMENT: $1.60-$2.30


USING THE SAME PLAN:  All plans are copyrighted. The purchase of a set of plans is for the construction of one dwelling only. A builder who has purchased a set of plans and wants to use the same plan multiple times can do so at a much lower cost. Price is based on heated/cooled footage and range from $0.60-$0.80. The purchase of these plans include any minor modifications, putting house on new site and eight (8) sets of plans. Prices subject to change. Most designers charge this without any modifications to the plans.